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Diversity: Cultural Awareness

A Different Approach to Diversity: We use a variety of teaching/learning activities. Experiential activities, multi-media, learning profiles (option) simulation, role play, laughter, creative activities involving both sides of the brain, team teaching/learning, presentation, large and small group discussions.

Possible Topics/Themes:

  • Cultural Humor and Humility

  • Appreciating Similarities and Differences

  • Laughter Has No Accent: Humor & Culture

Often out of fear of being politically incorrect, we neglect to use humor as a resource. Laughter and play are two of the most abundant renewable resources available to build community across cultures.  

In Richard Attenborough's 1987 movie, Cry Freedom, a South African judge asked Civil Rights activist Stephen Biko, "You people look brown to me. Why do you call yourselves 'Blacks'?" Biko reponded, "You people look pink to me. Why do you call yourself white?"