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Laugh Yourself Happy /
Humor Programs

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Possible Speaker Topics:

  • Laugh Yourself Happy
  • Taking Humor Seriously, ha!
  • Humor and Other Ways of Reducing Stress  Request a related article 
  • Lighten Up: Healthy Humor in the Workplace
  • Cultural Humor and Humility
  • Jest for the Health of It
  • The Art of Laughter:  Fastest Way to Creative Thinking
  • Humor and _____.  What's your focus? You fill in the blank, and we'll create a custom workshop

Grand Games for Grown Ups:

Ice Breakers & Energizers are an option for opening or closing a conference or during breaks. Ask about Laughter Yoga Exercises as a creative energizer for your conference. Linda is an UNcertified Laughter Club leader. If you are curious about laughter yoga or what a Laughter Club leader is, click here.

Sample Objectives:

  • Using humor to turn tense situations around.
  • Identifying the benefits of humor.
  • Using humor to create a greater sense of team.
  • Determining what is appropriate humor and inappropriate seriousness.
  • Using humor for customer relations – sales and service.
  • Communicating humor effectively across cultures.

Linda Hutchinson
"All my life I wanted to be somebody... I see now that I should have been more specific!"
-Jane Wagner, author of The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe

This is a small sample of one of Linda's programs. Contact ha! to learn more.