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Laugh Yourself Happy

Amazon Bestseller! A practical, pithy, playful gift for yourself or a loved one, Laugh Yourself Happy is chock-full of 170 one-liners, short stories and fun quotes, 21 photos of children laughing, plus one fabulous frown and a laughing cat. Increase your laughter quotient. Young children laugh a few hundred times a day, grown-ups maybe a dozen. This book promises to double, if not triple or quadruple, your laughter quota for the day.

It’s not all fun and games, though… funny anecdotes are interspersed with wisdom from author Linda Hutchinson’s experiences, and the wisdom of others. As you laugh along, you’ll also ponder your own life experiences and think about your personal journey with humor.

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Spin, Drop and Pop!  Turn these toys inside out for a topsy-turvy pop, up to six feet high in the sky!  Then challenge a friend to catch it on the way down. 


Laugh Yourself Happy book
Laughter and play are two of the most undervalued resources on the planet.
- By Linda Hutchinson
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